middle school & high school students

We exist to help students and parents follow Jesus.


While we desire for your students to have fun and make friends in youth group, we know the realities of middle school and high school bring stress, anxiety, fear, and worry. We want to create an environment of fun and excitement, but also a place students come to learn about Jesus, foster a relationship with the Father and community with friends, and take responsibility of their faith. We focus on discipleship, personal and daily time in the Word, and sharing their faith with those in their community. We hope your students will find a welcoming and loving community of students and leaders desiring to know the Lord and walk with Him.

To help accomplish these goals, we have several times we gather throughout the week:

Sunday Morning (9:45-10:45am)

During the Sunday School hour, our students have an opportunity to get into small groups and dive into the Bible.

Elevate Night (6:00-7:30pm)

Wednesday evenings are designed to Elevate your students in the middle of the week. Fun and games start off the evening and are followed by worship, a short message and small group times.

Student Night (6:00-7:30pm)

Sunday evenings are built for students to learn how to share stories from the Bible in a way that everyone can understand. This time is spent learning how to share their faith in order to help in the coming summer mission trip. You don’t have to go on the mission trip for these tools to be useful and effective in sharing the Gospel!

Sunday nights can also be a time for students to join adults in a program called, “Can We Talk?” This is a time spent training adults and students in sharing the Gospel while also actually going into the community to put into practice what they’ve learned. “Can We Talk?” is an 8 week program done once in the spring and fall.

Youth Band

This group of students desire to use their gifts and talents in worship, and are invested in learning what it means to lead others in worship. All students are welcome to join. Practice is Wednesday nights before Student Night at 5:00pm.